April 23, 2021

Our Commitment to Sustainable Design

Reduce Environmental Impact & Protect Worker Health and Safety

Sustainable design is our commitment

We view sustainable design (minimized negative environmental impact by using renewable resources and innovation) as our responsibility and commitment. One of the key reasons that brands choose to work with PCH is our track record in sustainability, and our candid and detailed reporting.

We bring innovative products to market

PCH’s business is helping global consumer brands and startups bring new products to market efficiently, transparently and sustainably with a great consumer out-of-box experience. Most of these products are innovative (new industrial design, use case, and technology) and offer a unique consumer experience. Our customers rely upon our 25 years of experience and expertise to create and deliver innovative consumer products in the most sustainable way.

We support inclusive and sustainable economic growth, sustainable consumption and production, productive employment and decent work, and ensure resilient infrastructure and innovation.

Sustainability from beginning to end

Because we are often involved at the beginning of product development (during the concept phase when industrial design is being finalized) we offer suggestions that eliminate harmful chemicals, materials and processes that can negatively impact the environment, worker health and safety, communities, and consumers. By making suggestions early, we avoid impacting industrial design intent, costs and the production schedule.

A key reason brands work with PCH is our track record in sustainability, and our candid and detailed reporting.

Sustainability is good for business

We strongly believe that sustainability is good for business. Measuring resource utilization (water, electricity, gas, production, packaging, transportation, disposal, etc.) throughout the supply chain is key to demonstrating that sustainability is not only the right thing to do, but it improves operations. We are working towards a solution to measure the totality of resource utilization throughout the product lifecycle. Capturing, measuring and analyzing end-to-end supply chain data will reveal the full environmental impact of development, production and delivery, as well as the environmental impact of over-production and waste.

We share our best practices

PCH is an “asset-light” supply chain company (we don’t own manufacturing factories. We partner with the 1000 manufacturers in our network, while delivering key strategic services that provide value to brands). We choose (or our customers choose) the best manufacturers based on the product requirements and sustainability factors. We partner with trusted and reliable suppliers (all of whom we audit and who must sign and adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct . We also educate them about sustainable practices, monitor, and help integrate sustainability into their operations.

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