News // Event - June 2012

TNS Distribution host London Beacon event

The first-of-its-kind event for TNS Distribution brought together major vendors and suppliers of technology and IT products and accessories, spread over several conference rooms and suites at London’s Marylebone Hotel.

The concept mirrored ‘speed dating‘ events whereby suppliers were allocated 25 minutes with vendors to discuss prospective business opportunities.

Leading vendor partners at the event included Puma, Lunatik, Jivo Technology, Orla Kiely, Marware, iHome, Snow Lizard, Switcheasy, Klipsch, Decalgirl, Marware, Stem Innovation, Level 8, Lunatik, G-Form, Gumdrop, Lightwedge, Bobblbee, Lark and Techlink with clients such as Amazon UK, Amazon Kindle, Elkjop, iBood, Compu-b, 2moso, Comet, Game, Firebox,KRCS, Stormfront, Tesco and WH Smith.

John McHugh, Co-founder of TNS Distribution, commented:

“We are delighted with the success of the event and the response from our clients. The high quality of clients and vendor partners that attended was exactly what we had in mind when we were planning the event.”

“Feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive with lots of new business opportunities generated. We are already looking at potential dates for a 2013 event.”

Ivan Eustace, Co-founder of TNS Distribution

Some examples of the excellent client feedback include:

The best vendor to customer event I have ever attendedJohn Sutton from Marware

Fantastically efficient use of time enabling me to see more ranges of products than would otherwise have been possibleDan Hands from KRCS Group Ltd

Opened new opportunities into the European market that will benefit our company greatlyDerrick Grant from Snow Lizard Products

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