Our Policies and Code of Conduct

Stopping Shark Fin Consumption

PCH recognizes the need for a policy to conserve the declining shark populations worldwide.

Since most of the shark fin products currently available in the market are unsustainably produced, PCH is committed to stopping shark fins consumption.

This policy demonstrates PCH’s corporate responsible actions in ensuring our marine ecosystems are properly preserved and the long-term sustainable use of species is in place to protect these natural assets for our future.


  • Shark fins shall not be consumed at any company activity which is either organised or paid for by the company.
  • Shark fins shall not be consumed at any event or meal within PCH’s premises.
  • Shark fins consumption shall not be promoted under any circumstances.
  • Shark fins must not be purchased or sold under any circumstances.

Download our latest report

You can download our 2014 Sustainability Report here.


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