Product Concept

PCH helps deliver the best out-of-box experience.

Product Concept

PCH develops custom product solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups. We identify key features and technical risks and devise solutions that maximize design, brand and the consumer experience.


At the earliest stages of our partnerships with our customers we listen to understand fully the product inspiration, design requirements and core value proposition. We help identify the top execution opportunities and risks, and we help map out hard deliverables, accurate timetables, required resources and budget. We share our 22 years of experience and expertise in delivering high-quality products to market.


We examine the competitive landscape and assess the performance of market leading products. We nail down the hard product requirements and include a plan to evaluate product performance. In parallel, we work with your ID team to fabricate product mock-ups for high level UX evaluation.


We create a complete product development architecture that prioritizes industrial design, performance points, and COGS targets. We perform engineering analysis and calculations to evaluate high-risk features. We kick off breadboards and work with your ID team to reconcile the industrial design requirements and vision with electro-mechanical elements.