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Post-Production Services & Cashflow Optimization

Unparalleled supply chain solution utilizing real-time data to help our customers optimize their business.

PCH’s supply chain solution combines automated real-time inventory management system, manufacturing management, fulfillment and logistics platform to ensure the right product is in the right market at the right time to maximize sales, and reduce the risk of overproduction and waste.


PCH’s fulfillment service combines postponement, packaging development, pack out, customization, and personalization that supports all B2B and D2C requirements

Our postponement model optimizes customer’s operating cash flow by reducing supplier cost and inventory waste, and removes complexity in forecasting and planning. It allows products to be customized or personalized just prior to shipment. This enables our customers to design and produce a built-to-order experience for consumers around the world


Packaging design is a key consideration for cost and waste reduction. Packaging impacts palletization, postponement process, transportation dynamics and right-sizing. PCH’s own packaging engineering team manages these factors to ensure quality handling during shipment, sustainability, maximum efficiency, lowest shipping cost and the best out-of-the-box customer experience

Packaging Development

PCH’s multi-line pack out facility improves fulfillment efficiency and accounts for fluctuating demand. Our flexible configuration supports high-volume and high-mix/low-volume needs for different geographies and sales channels.

Pack Out and Customization

Personalization adds personal touch to our customers’ products which improve their brand experience and consumer engagement. Our personalization capabilities include: High-quality monogramming, Laser-etching and printing on demand for hard and soft goods, Dye-sublimation and UV printing


World Class Facility
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fulfillment capacity per day


With 25+ years of experience in customized supply chain, PCH has established an extensive and efficient logistics network to meet increasing consumers demand for affordable and quick shipping. We support all B2B and D2C requirements and are able to deliver to retail channels and consumers within 2-4 days worldwide.

We help customers to develop and manage a consolidated and streamlined logistics solution to optimize delivery time and shipping cost

Logistics Optimization

PCH has long relationships with 15+ major carriers worldwide and we integrate with their systems. This allows us to secure freight space at competitive rates to support volume fluctuation.


Powered by our proprietary cloud-based software Flo360™, we integrate with all major carriers to provide real-time, timely tracking services. Our customers can a QR code to enable real-time visibility to product journey, product information, supplier information, and manufacturing environment

Real Time Tracking

PCH holds IATA (International Air Transport Association) Dangerous Goods Certification and has a dedicated, trained team responsible for handling dangerous goods such as lithium ion or lithium polymer cells and batteries. We are also AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified and has been approved as compliant with WCO (World Customs Organization) or equivalent supply chain security standards

Dangerous Good Regulations

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