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Utilizing our 25 years of experience in China, we source and supply high quality, certified PPE for hospitals, governments, municipalities and commercial enterprises

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PCH has been in operation for over 24 years. Our experienced and trusted global teams work with international brands, hospitals and governments around the world. For our PPE business, we audit all our supplier factories to ensure certifications, including CE & FDA, and regulatory requirements are fully met and that products meet international quality, sustainability, and supply chain transparency standards.


Our purpose is to build partnerships to deliver peace of mind to our customers. Transparency and service excellence are therefore at the heart of everything that we do. Our goal is to increase access to certified, authentic and reliable PPE and medical supplies. We always deliver on our promise and we have delivered every order throughout the COVID 19 crisis, giving us a 100% service rating.
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With 80 certified suppliers across numerous different PPE product categories we have the capacity to ship up over 20 million units per week. Our direct partnership with manufacturers enables us to bring cost efficiency and minimizes delivery lead times. Our partnerships with aviation companies and logistics partners, ensures worldwide delivery at the best rates.
20 Million
Units/per week is our standart shipment capacity
Certified suppliers

Our circle of 80 certified suppliers offers numerous different product categories

Face Masks

Eye Protection and Face Shields


Gowns & Aprons

Vaccination Supplies

Other Products

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Factory to Frontline:
Complete manufacturing & supply chain transparencyy

Our purpose is to build partnerships to deliver peace of mind to our customers. Transparency and service excellence are therefore at the heart of everything that we do.

Every product that we deliver has a QR code that can be scanned to show:

Supply Chain Tracking
Product information
Technical Specifications
Where it was made

Our PPE Suppliers Audit

At PCH we pride ourselves on our diligence in supporting all our suppliers to meet or exceed all local legislation and guidelines in respect of sustainability and operations to ensure the integrity and compliance of our supply chain by:

5-step evaluation process

Performing 5-step evaluation process involving all functional aspects to ensure that potential suppliers meet all audit requirements

Regular audits

Performing regular audits, with a focus on those suppliers where weaknesses or non-compliance is identified, to ensure best practice, compliance and integrity is maintained

Suppliers eligiblity

Ensuring all suppliers eligible to become part of our Approved Vendor List must sign our comprehensive Code of Conduct agreement and regularly self-evaluate against KPIs to maintain compliance

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Is the product quality guaranteed?

Yes. PCH ensures through direct audits by our team that every order we fill meets international specifications, certifications and regulations. We are committed to providing transparency across our supply chain. We are experts in global certification and documentation requirements.

Are there minimum order requirements?

Yes. Minimum order quantities (MOQs) vary from product to product. Please contact us with your specific needs to discuss the MOQs that apply.

Does PCH offer a logistic solution?

Yes. PCH's team of experts navigate the complexities of importing PPE. Our team manages freight bookings, provides advice on air and ocean solutions as well as last mile solutions, and secures all the customs paperwork needed for a smooth transition from China to your destination. PCH also charters flights to specific customers who have large volume orders that are needed fast