PCH’s Highway1 partners with FounderDating Hardware

PCH’s incubator program, Highway1, is delighted to announce a partnership with FounderDating Hardware, a direct expansion of the FounderDating platform (an online network for entrepreneurs to connect with founders fund).

FounderDating will help the exploding number of entrepreneurs in the Hardware startup sector by connecting them with one another to find co-founders. Highway1 will play an integral role in providing advice and expertise on the supply chain and manufacturing front for hardware companies, especially in China.


“Before we can invest in and educate teams, it’s vital to be able to bring the right core founding teams together. FounderDating does a preeminent job at this. Then we can begin to fill in the gaps around product development, supply chain and manufacturing.”

Brady Forrest, VP of Highway1

To start, Highway1 will hold office hours for FD Hardware members as well as a digital fireside chat.

“It’s no secret we’re on the cusp of a hardware revolution. But what’s often overlooked is how many pieces have to come together for a hardware company’s founding team (industrial design, mechanical, electrical and often software engineering plus a hustler who can make manufacturing and distribution a reality. It’s tremendously difficult and rarely do these people just happen upon each other day-to-day. We give them a platform to connect with the right people together to get hardware companies started the right way,” said Jessica Alter, Cofounder and CEO of FounderDating.

FounderDating has also teamed up with TechShop, a fan favorite maker space. “FounderDating and TechShop both help entrepreneurs to get together and get started, although in different ways, so this was a natural partnership for us,” said Jim Newton, TechShop Founder and Chairman. FounderDating will host a new member kickoff event for Hardware members at TechShop San Francisco in early October, and a second event in the coming months at another office location.