PCH International rebrands to PCH and introduces new tagline

Today we are delighted to announce our rebrand to PCH with a new brand identity.

The new brand reflects the evolution of PCH, our expanded business practices to encompass product design and development, as well as manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and e-commerce, and our new relationship with customers.

PCH has evolved significantly since it was founded in 1996. Named after the famed California highway, PCH was founded by Liam Casey and began as a manufacturing and supply chain management company working with Fortune 500s. In the years since, PCH has expanded well beyond those bounds, employing nearly 2800 people worldwide, and having revenues over $1 billion a year.

In recent years, PCH has made a targeted move into product design engineering and development, and our PCH Access division, began working with startups, such as LittleBits and Blaze, to help them make and scale their products.


“We work with designers and entrepreneurs who come to us with their product ideas, and we help them transform these concepts into the next generation of consumer hardware products. If it can be imagined, then it can be made.”

Liam Casey, Founder and CEO, PCH

In 2012, PCH acquired Lime Lab, now PCH Lime Lab, which offers product design engineering. Also in 2012, PCH acquired TNS, a product distribution business.

PCH launched its hardware incubator, Highway1, which helps entrepreneurs bring their product from concept to market in 2013, and has been responsible for such startups as: Cue, Drop, Ringly and Navdy. This year, PCH acquired ShopLocket the e-commerce platform for startups.

“We love solving complex problems, and working with customers who are passionate about brand, passionate about design and passionate about the consumer experience,” continued Liam. “Although there is a lot of complexity to what we do, we wanted to have a simple message that conveys our essence. The time was right to make this change now, and the new brand message, ‘we make’ reflects who we are and what we do.”