PCH International announces partnership with Contour Inc.

PCH International is delighted to announce a major partnership with U.S.-based Contour Inc.

The company that makes it easy to capture and share action video with its hands-free video cameras, apps and accessories. The two companies join forces to make Contour products easier to buy anywhere in the world and to help bring the latest Contour products to market, faster.

The partnership is part of the PCH Accelerator program, which offers Contour the same supply chain management services that are used by the world’s top brands. Contour has seen huge demand for its products, especially the new Contour+2, which requires PCH to help scale and build additional capacity to meet market demand.

PCH will bring New Contour+2 Hands-free Camera to More Markets Worldwide.

 The new Contour+2

Along with providing Contour with a world-class supply chain management and logistics platform, PCH is working with the company to accelerate development of innovative, new products for the red-hot action video market. PCH expects its recent acquisition of Lime Lab to be a key part of the relationship, helping to ensure Contour stays in front of the market.

Liam Casey, PCH Founder and CEO commented: “Contour is a perfect example of why we created our Accelerator program. An incredibly entrepreneurial company, Contour makes a highly-disruptive product, and has reached a point where it needs PCH to scale to meet market demand and bring new products to market, faster – without sacrificing any of the product quality they’re known for in the industry.”

“We are thrilled to work with PCH to make our products easier to buy, anywhere in the world, said Contour CEO, Marc Barros. “The PCH platform gives us a serious competitive advantage, while dramatically improving our customer and retail experience. Overnight we can compete with some of the best brands in the world.”

The recently launched Contour+2 model – expected to retail at $299.99 – is available on Contour’s website and at hundreds of retailers around the world.

To learn more watch the video here.

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