PCH Highway1 Showcases Latest Hardware Innovations at Demo Day

Highway1, the PCH accelerator program for hardware startups, today held its sixth Demo Day.

Nine startups from around the world presented their companies and products to more than 200 investors and industry influencers. More than half of the startups in the Spring 2016 class are founded by women, and the companies come from as far away as Canada, Mexico and the U.K. They join Highway1’s roster of 67 total alumni, who together come from 12 countries, and include companies such as CUR, ModbotNavdyPodo, Primo and Ringly. Highway1 startups have surpassed $100 million in total funding, $86 million in venture and $14 million in crowd funding.


“We are seeing more mature teams apply and complete the Highway1 program. This class is very well-funded, and has customer validation programs already in place. They are passionate and driven, and are targeting real problems in the world that people care about…”

Brady Forrest, VP, Highway1

Highway1 is an intense, four-month immersive program designed to accelerate hardware startups, and provide the knowledge, network and tools needed to grow successfully. Each startup receives up to $100,000 in cash investment, in exchange for 8 percent equity.

The program includes full-time engineering support; 24/7 access to onsite prototyping labs; access to a network of industrial designers and other key mentors; a trip to Shenzhen, China, to learn about supply chain and manufacturing; as well as business, marketing, retail and funding support.


“Our goal is to derisk hardware so that investors can treat hardware much like they do a software investment. We are very proud of our Highway1 teams who together have raised over $100 million in funding over the past 2.5 years.”

Liam Casey, Founder and CEO, PCH

Highway1 is currently accepting applications to its seventh class. Interested startups must apply by May 23 at:

Highway1’s sixth Demo Day included presentations from the following nine companies:


Blumio has developed a wearable blood pressure sensor that allows for continuous monitoring, without requiring an inflatable cuff. Blumio makes it possible to track and monitor a person’s blood pressure throughout the day, opening a new window to cardiovascular health.

Continuous blood pressure monitoring for the 80 million Americans suffering from hypertension will improve diagnosis, increase effectiveness of treatment, and reduce cost of care.


Calliope is an IoT smart home company empowering homeowners to take control of their water use. The company’s first product, Buoy, is a connected water meter that gives homeowners real-time information about their water use, with a remote shut off in case of emergencies.

Water consumption data is presented with actionable insights and notifications in a user-friendly app, allowing homeowners to achieve up to 20 percent reduction in water use.

Cocoon Cam:

Cocoon Cam is a wellness camera and software platform that provides real-time insight on the safety and well-being of your baby. Cocoon Cam detects and streams your newborn’s heart rate, respiration, and skin temperature to a secure mobile app, without ever touching your baby, giving parents peace of mind.

The company is currently running a paid pilot program with parents, and will begin a study this Spring in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.


Courtmatics creates smart coaching technology to help every athlete, from the weekend warrior to the professional star, track and improve their game. The company’s first product, designed for tennis, is a smart dampener that tracks gameplay and streams data to a mobile app. The smart dampener is easy to install, non-intrusive and works with every racquet.

Within the app, players can see their strengths and development areas, get coaching advice, set goals and track their progress through a combination of free and paid subscription. The app also allows players to share results and compare their rankings with other


OBE melds the digital and physical worlds, blending fashion and technology to create a fully immersive gaming experience. The company’s first product allows users to feel and control themselves within virtual reality, seamlessly integrating motion sensors, directional control and full-body haptic feedback into a single garment.

The OBE software development kit is compatible with industry standard development platforms, including Unity, Xcode, and Android Studio, and is expanding to new applications such as drones and robotics.


Okio creates kid friendly communication devices for parents to stay in touch with their children. Okio is a simple voice messaging link between parents and their kids, utilizing a smartphone app and a discreet device kept by the child.

Designed by parents to fit into a child’s everyday life, Okio is a unique wearable that is convenient and unobtrusive for children ages 5-12. Okio utilizes LTE Cat-M, a low-throughput, low-energy cellular protocol designed to send short messages efficiently and cost effectively across IoT devices.


OpenBike is an on-bike hardware and software package built to empower the bicycle of tomorrow. It is the platform for the connected bicycle ecosystem. OpenBike enables lights, sensors, and other electronics to be integrated as standard equipment. One on-bike network enables component interoperability regardless of brand.

One shared connection links the bike and its data to apps and cloud-based services for diagnostics, support, fitness tracking and more. One battery powers all components, charges as you ride, and tops-off your phone. A turnkey solution, OpenBike makes new safety, security, and convenience features not only possible, but


Sensassure is a healthcare technology company transforming senior care. The company’s first product, talli, is a urinary incontinence management device. Talli is a reusable sensor that sits on the outside of any commercially available incontinence product, which wirelessly alerts caregivers when wetness is detected.

This real-time, remote incontinence monitoring product improves resident comfort, increases caregiver efficiency, and lowers cost of care by decreasing related health conditions and complications.

Sensassure has piloted talli in senior living communities across North America, and has signed up Revera, Canada’s leading senior living provider, as their first


XO is an app-connected fashion brand. The company’s products are made for Gen Z, the 10 to 25-year-old consumers who love fashion, music and gaming. Wearers of XO fashion can customize the look of their garment to match their unique style, selecting content from their favorite influencers, brands and music artists through the XO App.

The power behind the XO fashion line is the XO Tag, a small piece of low-cost hardware that can be embedded into a range of clothing and accessories. The XO Tag allows users to customize the color of their clothes as well as offer notifications through haptic feedback, all controlled by the XO App.


OpenBike - An operating system for bicyles

XO - App Connected Fashion

Senssaure - Transforming Senior Care

OBE – Turn your body into the ultimate immersive controller for virtual reality

Courtmatics – Smart coaching for all

Calliope – Real time information on your water usage

Blumio – Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

Okio – Connect with your kids anytime, anywhere

Cocoon Cam – A baby monitor that measures vitals