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News // Feature - November 2017

PCH Highway1 Holds Ninth Demo Day – Hardware Startups Include HydroVirga, Mirada Technologies, Orbityl Labs, and Super Carbon.

San Francisco – Nov. 14, 2017 – Highway1, the PCH accelerator for hardware startups, today held its ninth Demo Day since its inception more than four years ago in June 2013. The Fall 2017 class is the ninth group of startups to participate in the Highway1 program, with companies focused on areas such as sensors for autonomous vehicle applications, high-speed chargers for electric vehicles, and a sensor platform to detect a variety of chemicals, suitable for applications from water analysis to drug testing.

“This is a great group of startups that have achieved a lot in their four months at Highway1,” said VP of Highway1, Kurt Dammermann. “Many of them are already working with customers and have secured early funding. All were selected because they have transformative technology and are passionate and talented entrepreneurs who are building companies.”

Demo Day included presentations from the following four companies from the ninth class, and two returning alumni:

Current Class 9


HydroVirga is developing a portable, high resolution, low cost sensor platform that revolves around the same principle that powers magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. HydroVirga’s precision technology can be tuned to detect a variety of different chemicals, with a wide range of applications from water analysis to drug testing. hydrovirga.com

Mirada Technologies

Mirada Technologies builds durable, low-cost, wide-field LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicle applications. Mirada’s unique solution includes key features such as wide field of view and high resolution. Most importantly, Mirada has been designed for the volume and scale required for broad deployment of driverless technology. miradatechnologies.com

Orbityl Labs

Orbityl Labs is creating Thought Enabled Technology (TET) to detect a person’s thoughts and control computers, using unobtrusive hardware. Orbityl uses advanced machine learning and brain imaging to detect specific brain signals. This technology will be able to integrate into existing earbuds, and thoughts will be used to trigger automated workflows like adjusting the music or

checking notifications. Orbityl’s mission is to make neurotechnology accessible and practical. orbityl.co

Super Carbon

Super Carbon is driving the next generation of fast chargers for electric vehicles. Using existing infrastructure, an electric vehicle can be rapidly charged from a bank of proprietary carbon batteries. Super Carbon has developed a proprietary process for creating graphene super capacitors carbon batteries. The company’s carbon batteries can charge 1000x faster than lithium ion, have 100x the lifespan — all without the risk of fire or explosion and at a fraction of the cost. supercarbon.co

Returning Alumni

Moxxly (Fall 2014/Class 3)

Moxxly builds smart products for modern women. First up: a smart and discreet breast pump system. Moxxly’s first product, Flow, enables women to get real-time data about their supply, while pumping, with their clothes on. Moxxly is a venture-backed, 2014 alumnus of Highway1 and was acquired in June 2017 by the parent company of Medela, the leading global breast pump manufacturer. moxxly.com

RecoverX (Fall 2016/Class 7)

RecoverX is transforming the way people recover from injuries. The company’s first product, Element, is the world’s first smartphone-controlled cold and heat pack for athletic and medical recovery. Element optimizes recovery by regulating the precise temperature and time for both cold (50-60°F) and heat (104-113°F) therapies. It operates on a rechargeable battery, allowing users the ability to recover anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the device tracks user data such as frequency of use and type of therapy recommended by physical therapists and athletic trainers to improve rehabilitation. RecoverX has recently closed a $2M seed round led by Courtside Ventures and will start beta testing with top professional teams, physical therapists, and colleges. recoverx.io

PCH CEO Liam Casey, said, “As the hardware ecosystem continues to evolve, we review the program to ensure we are well positioned to support hardware startups when they most need our help. We see a growing trend of later-stage companies coming to us who already have investor backing and are seeking to get their products into the hands of customers. In the coming months, we will focus on giving these companies the edge they need as they go to market – through our product development engineering and global supply chain expertise.”


About Highway1

Highway1 is led by entrepreneur and PCH Lime Lab Co-founder, Kurt Dammermann, who has over 20 years of experience developing iconic consumer products and bringing them to market.

A total of 83 companies from 13 countries have completed the Highway1 program over the past four years, and combined, they have raised over $125 million in total venture and crowd funding. Program alumni include Cue Medical, Molekule, Modbot, RecoverX, and Primo, among others.

Highway1, a division of PCH, is a hardware startup accelerator located in San Francisco. We work with great hardware startups to design products that deliver real value to customers, are delightful to use and can be manufactured at scale. www.highway1.io @highway1io

About PCH

PCH is a global custom product solutions company with 21 years experience providing design engineering and development, manufacturing and fulfilment, and distribution services to premier brands and innovative startups. If it can be imagined, it can be made. At PCH, we make. www.pchintl.com @PCH_Intl

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