PCH expands sustainable packaging design services

PCH International today announced the expansion of its sustainable packaging design services with the opening of a Sustainable Packaging Design Centre of Excellence.

PCH Sustainable Packaging Design Centre of Excellence will open a material library, a structural design engineering and quality test lab based in Shenzhen, China. “PCH works with the world’s best brands and start-ups. We know that beautiful packaging can entice people to purchase a product, and our aim is to offer consumers the most impressive out-of-box experience. PCH is now designing solutions to ensure this packaging is 100% sustainable, with minimal carbon footprint and a full Life Cycle Assessment,” said PCH founder and CEO Liam Casey. “We look at the entire packaging life cycle and how to make it completely environmentally friendly: from material sourcing, to packaging design, manufacturing, transport, and final disposal.”

A product showroom and material library will be opened in San Francisco early in 2013. Up to 20 new jobs will be created in the next 6-12 months in diverse roles including project managers, material expert supply base managers, lab operators, print supplier management specialists and green practice experts.

The Packaging Design team will work closely with PCH’s existing Cleantech team in developing sustainable packaging for existing clients, new clients and also start-ups through the PCH Accelerator program.

“With these expanded services, we can offer clients smarter package design, removing excess materials, improving shipping efficiency and minimizing package-associated Bill of Materials (BOM) costs, a win-win situation for clients and suppliers,” added Liam. Liam further commented: “Sustainable packaging clients will have access to our partner manufacturing facilities, where earlier this year we implemented innovative finance programs that allowed our suppliers to upgrade equipment, buildings, and overall factory infrastructure to ensure the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes possible.”

The establishment of a Sustainable Packaging Design Centre of Excellence is the latest in a number of sustainability initiatives PCH is implementing in the supply chain for its clients. PCH uses ISO26000 as a guideline to ensure industry-leading practices in social responsibility, and are currently preparing for a 3rd party performance assessment.