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We’ve announced our first Toronto Hardware Hackathon

We’ve announced our first Toronto hardware hackathon, which takes place from March 6th through 8th at the MaRS Discovery District.


The hackathon will include 100 makers, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers who will get their hands dirty and compete to make the best working prototype in just one weekend. It will kick off with a virtual talk and Q&A by 3D Robotics CEO (and former Wired editor) Chris Anderson.

Tickets for the event are on sale now here.

“PCH is focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups bring their ideas from concept to the market. This hackathon is going to be high-energy, focused and above all fun. We have wonderful mentors to support participants, and a team who has done this several times and knows how to keep the energy going,

The maker community is really strong in Toronto, and we want this event to celebrate them. It will be very interesting to see what new product ideas come from this event.” Said PCH Hackathon Lead Katherine Hague.

Beginning on Friday, March 6, participants will form teams around an initial product concept, and by Sunday night, they will have developed final prototypes to present to the event’s panel of judges. The goal is to bring together the hardware community, encourage innovation, and perhaps discover the next big hardware company in Canada.

There will be cash prizes for the top three winning teams including $3,000 CAD for the first place team. The first place team will also receive $4,000 in services from Toronto engineering firm Connected Lab. All participants will have access to necessary hardware prototyping tools such as developer kits, 3D printers, CNC machines, soldering irons, and a laser cutter.

[quote author=”Liam Casey, CEO, PCH” twitter=”@liamcasey” image=”571″]Hackathons are a great way to discover and support entrepreneurs who are passionate about brand, design and the customer experience. Hackathons are today’s garages where companies get their start.[/quote]


Supporting the event are companies such as


PCH is also working with Recycle Your Electronics to collect and recycle old tech products throughout the event. PCH hosted three successful hackathons in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco last year.

The quality of ideas and innovation at these events was impressive and led to the development of a range of innovative hardware solutions and devices including a connected pharmacy fridge, a smart package delivery box, and a water quality monitoring device.

A handful of teams coming out those events went on to programs like PCH’s Highway1 hardware accelerator in San Francisco, and others received funding from such venture capital funds as Boston’s Bolt.

For tickets or information on participation and registration visit here.

  • Ticket Prices: Early Bird prices (before February 27, 2015) are $50 for the full weekend pass.
  • Regular prices are $75 for the full weekend pass.
  • The ticket price for just the demo night is $20.


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