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New Product Introduction Planning

We engage and review the customer marketing and product requirements (MRD and PRD). Based on our deep expertise and hands-on experience, we scope the development process and outline the proposed program schedule, resource plan, and risks. Our Statement of Work (SOW) becomes the engagement roadmap.


We review with our customers the project objective, value proposition and use cases. With our experience, we help customers identify any high-risk product features and hard constraints that could impact the overall product launch

Scope Consideration:

Industrial Design
Customer Experience
Specifications/Feature Set/Functionality
Hardware/Software Requirement
New Technology/Innovation
Cost/Margin and Cash Flow
Regulations and Safety Requirement
Go-to-Market Plan and Launch Schedule
Fulfillment Requirement


Access the landscape of development solutions to converge on a design direction and define the most efficient product development strategy that meets customers’ requirements.

We benchmark the competitive landscape and market-leading products to identify the most efficient approach to development


We evaluate alternative core technology solutions and present recommendations that optimize cost, schedule and feature set trade-offs


We explore high-risk product features and develop prototypes to demonstrate product performance and associate cost drivers


Project Plan

We finalize the Product Requirement Document (PRD) and create the Statement of Work that becomes the engagement roadmap.

We confirm availability and cost of all required raw materials and key components required for product development. We will also identify and secure expertise needed from our professional partner network

Resource Plan

We will form a detailed team structure and end-to-end program roadmap

Program Schedule

Identify any risks, dependencies and mitigation plans


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