We make high-quality products for premier brands.


We have over 20 years experience in China developing custom manufacturing solutions and managing global supply chains. We love bringing new products to market. We work with many of the most innovative and well-known global companies in the world. We partner with our customers and suppliers to build relationships of mutual trust.


We lower the capital and time-to-market risks of manufacturing because of our thorough pre-production methodology. We refine the manufacturing process to optimize for volume, scalability and cost considerations. When reliability testing and failure analysis reveal opportunities for improvement, PCH will make adjustments that optimize production.

Manufacturing Process Design & Automation

Each manufacturing project differs in terms of complexity, volume, compliance, customization and other factors. These variables can limit manufacturing options if not approached with understanding. To achieve industrial design requirements and optimize functionality, personalization and target costs, PCH can design and develop bespoke automated manufacturing processes. These can be commissioned in our own facilities or within our partner supplier network.

Supplier Network Agnostic

PCH has over 1000 suppliers in our network. We partner with tried and trusted suppliers who meet our supplier code of conduct. Our engineers design for optimal manufacturing and select suppliers for single components as well as final assembly. We match customers with suppliers’ capabilities and we manage the product journey every step of the way.

Quality Control

Utilizing our proprietary tracking system, PCH operates a rigorous five-stage quality control system that includes: incoming article inspection, in-process quality control, first article inspection, final inspection and out-of-box audits.