San Francisco, 2019 — California Innovation and PCH have partnered on the first California Innovation Program. The program will take place July 22 – August 9, at the PCH Innovation Hub in San Francisco.

24 Students selected from leading Universities in 11 countries will participate in the three-week immersive program.

San Francisco, July 22, 2019 — California Innovation and PCH have partnered on the first California Innovation Program. The program will take place July 22 – August 9, at the PCH Innovation Hub in San Francisco. The program will bring together 24 pre-selected undergraduate and graduate students from universities around the world to learn from industry (particularly food and apparel companies) and academic leaders about manufacturing in California. As part of the program, the group will visit companies such as Patagonia, Verve Coffee Roasters, Tartine, Charles Krug and Dandelion Chocolate to take an in-depth look at their manufacturing processes. The students use their insights to create practical programs that can make a positive impact on manufacturing centers.

PCH, with its deep practical experience and expertise in product development, manufacturing and supply chain management, will host the program and play an active role in leading discussions and mentoring the students.

“We are thrilled to partner with PCH for the founding edition of the California Innovation Program and to host the program activities at its iconic PCH Innovation Hub. With PCH’s manufacturing know-how, their team will provide student mentoring. We deeply believe in the value of bringing together diverse expertise to create positive innovation in the world. Together, we hope to generate ideas that can be transformative to communities,” stated California Innovation Founders Carlotta Borruto and Marco Mari.

“We are honored to host the first ever California Innovation Program at the PCH Innovation Hub,” said PCH Founder and CEO Liam Casey. “We look forward to sharing perspectives with this select group of students, academics, and industry leaders. There are many insights that can be gained by looking at manufacturing in California and how brands deliver a differentiated customer experience. We hope these insights will result in new manufacturing and customer experience opportunities in other communities around the world.”

To help the students build insight and guide them through their project work, a group of globally recognized academics and business professionals will lead a series of lectures and workshops at the PCH Innovation Hub. The mentors include: Jonathan Rewers (Parsons School of Design and SFMTA), Elizabeth Segran (Fast Company), Alexandra Fattal (The Economist), Nick Foster (X and Near Future Laboratory), Stewart Thornhill (Ross School of Business) and Julian Bleecker (Omata and Near Future Laboratory), Daria Illy (illycaffè), Ron Johnson (former SVP of Retail Operations at Apple).

California Innovation has designed the program of activities to immerse students in California’s business context, while building their entrepreneurial acumen. The organization draws on its experience with Italia Innovation, which for the past five years has developed similar ventures and programs in Italy. With the participation of international students, thought leaders and business veterans, the organization has investigated topics and implemented projects focused on the future of purpose-driven companies, the value of proximity in the food industry, scaling craftsmanship, and how digitalization is generating new business models for apparel manufacturers.

About the Students

Out of 350 applications, 24 students were selected from leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, Parsons School of Design, University of Bristol, Politecnico di Torino, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, University College Dublin, Stellenbosch University and the University of Hong Kong. The students represent 11 different countries and have backgrounds in a wide range of subjects including business, strategic design, urban planning, textile design, architecture, law, environmental science, physics and economics. While each student has a unique background and perspective, the cohort shares a deeply rooted passion for learning and a genuine interest in the future of the manufacturing.

About California Innovation

California Innovation was founded by Carlotta Borruto and Marco Mari in 2018. Through world-class cultural programs and industrial projects, California Innovation brings together a community of international students, thought leaders and business veterans to explore the manufacturing efforts in the land of big tech and venture capital.

California Innovation started from Italia Innovation, an organization that for five years has addressed the challenges of Italy’s manufacturing economy with a forward-thinking international community including more than 40 local brands and international tech and retail companies, 60 international academic leaders, and an alumni community of more than 250 international talents from leading universities.

About PCH

PCH partners with design-focused brands to create and deliver product solutions at scale from initial concept to the consumer experience. We share more than 20 years of deep expertise in bringing new premium products to market globally. Our partners benefit from transparent, flexible, and customized solutions that provide peace of mind.

PCH has unparalleled experience and expertise in product design engineering and development, supplier network management, manufacturing, personalization, fulfillment and distribution. Our customers include both Fortune 500 companies and startups and come from diverse sectors. They all share a passion for design, brand and the customer experience.