News // Sustainability - July 2013

Irish partnership PCH and VERDE to create a greener supply chain

PCH is delighted to announce a partnership with VERDE LED to install an energy efficient lighting programme.

Liam Casey, Richard Bruton TD and John Keohane
Liam Casey, Richard Bruton TD and John Keohane

VERDE LED’s will be be installed in one of our Shenzhen-based manufacturing facilities as well as our new U.S headquarters in San Francisco, due to open shortly.

Lighting can account for significant economic and environmental costs in the supply chain. The new LED lighting programme will deliver improvements in energy efficiency, light quality and durability.

It will also significantly reduce energy consumption by 60%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 270 tons per year in Shenzhen, and will have an economic payback of 2 years.

“PCH works with the world’s best brands and start-ups, and creating a sustainable supply chain for our clients is a top priority. This is a great example of how Irish innovation can have an impact in global markets.”

“It’s also a fantastic collaboration between Irish companies and Chinese factories. There is huge potential to replicate this programme across our supply chain in China, helping to minimize the impact of manufacturing on the environment as well as reduce energy costs.” said PCH CEO Liam Casey.

This is the latest in a number of sustainability initiatives that PCH is implementing in the supply chain. PCH is committed to highlighting the connection between social, environmental and economic performance.

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