Design Engineering and Development

We make ideas tangible.

Design Engineering and Development


Our expertise includes: systems architecture, mechanical engineering, program management, manufacturing integration, packaging engineering and prototyping.

Prototype & Test

Through consecutive prototype “builds” we evaluate product solutions in the lab and with real customers. We design each feature and component for production, based on specifications from our detailed product requirement document (PRD).


We conduct a series of organized builds in the production manufacturing setting – working with component suppliers, subassembly fabricators and contract manufacturers – to demonstrate that the design solution performs similar to (if not better than) the prototypes from the previous phase. Leveraging production tooling and scalable assembly processes, large lot sizes can be efficiently produced to allow the development team to study product quality, performance reliability and supply chain scalability.

Case Studies

We are known for our complete, reliable and efficient design engineering solutions that perform at production scale. Our mechanical, electrical and firmware engineers, system analysts and product managers work collaboratively in teams – without ego – to maximize results for our clients. Our highly skilled teams come from diverse life experiences and sectors, including consumer electronics, home, transportation, beauty and medical/health. We love solving problems and doing great work.
See a few of our case studies below.

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