David Austin Joins PCH as VP of PCH Access

David Austin joins as VP of PCH Access, and upgrades the program to make design a key criteria in future company participation.

David Austin has joined the company as vice president of PCH Access, formerly known as PCH Accelerator. David, who will be based in San Francisco, will report to VP & General Manager Tom Kitt, who also oversees Highway1.

“I’m very excited about joining PCH and leading this important initiative. PCH Access is focused on providing hardware startups with the capabilities to scale and dramatically reduce the risk of bringing their new products to market.”

David Austin, VP, PCH Access

PCH Access reduces the barriers to market entry for hardware startup companies. The program provides hardware startups with the following capabilities normally exclusively available to large, Fortune 500 companies:

  • Premium expertise in product design, engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment.
  • Start up friendly finance and credit terms.
  • A lean supply chain with unique distribution and channel capabilities.

Liam Casey, Founder and CEO, PCH added, “We do our best work with companies that start with strong design in their DNA. There is a growing demand for uniquely designed and executed product. This is being matched by very talented, driven entrepreneurs. PCH has an opportunity to provide a larger array of services and to make a greater, positive impact on these new companies.”


“We are excited to take PCH Access to the next level, with David at its helm. We are making the program more robust, and adding design as an essential criterion to selecting companies to work with.”

Liam Casey, Founder and CEO, PCH

David was formerly Program Director, Media Camp, at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., in San Francisco, CA. There he was focused on consumer video consumption technologies, and outreach to Silicon Valley startups, strategic partners and investors.

Previously, he founded Sunair Ventures where he invested in a range of startup companies. Prior, he spent over 17 years at Apple Inc., where he held various senior director positions in applications and hardware as well as business development.

David graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in math and computer science. He holds several patents in storage and data structure management. David lives in San Francisco and is raising two amazing children. He is also a private pilot.