Concrete Canvas awarded the PCH Design Medal

We are delighted to award the 2015 British Land Celebration of Design Medal for Design Innovation, sponsored by PCH, to Peter Brewin and Will Crawford from Concrete Canvas.

The Medal celebrates entrepreneurship in all forms, both locally and internationally, and honours those who have built one or more businesses in which design is at core of its development and success. Previous winners include Nicolas Roope, David Constantine and Jane ní Dhulchaointigh.

2015 Medal winners Will Crawford (MEng) and Peter Brewin (MEng), developed Concrete Canvas and Concrete Canvas Shelters to exploit a unique material technology whilst studying Industrial Design Engineering at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London.


“This Medal recognizes the most innovative people making an impact on the world around us. Will Crawford and Peter Brewin are such individuals. Their company, Concrete Canvas, is a brilliant example of a simple innovation that has become a platform for builders, makers, designers and artists sparking creativity and opportunity across industries.”

Liam Casey, Founder and CEO, PCH

Concrete Canvas Ltd can provide a means to supply construction solutions that are extremely fast, simple to install and environmentally friendly.

The main application is in the civil infrastructure (road and rail), mining and petrochemical sectors to manage erosion and slope protection. The company has grown rapidly since 2005 and now sells its products in more than 40 countries around the world.

Creative Applications
As well as industrial applications, for which Concrete Canvas has won several awards, the tactile and versatile quality of the material has also lent itself to many creative projects across the world.

Concrete Pots – produced by Italian design studio Alhambretto, Concrete Pots are inspired by the unique feature of Concrete Canvas, whereby on hydration is has the capability to expand. The project takes concrete into the home and garden environment, giving a new aesthetic to a largely industrial material.

Tsukumagami (living inanimate objects) – a series of experimental studies by Wolfson Design in London show how the product can be beautifully and unexpectedly, moulded and modelled. The objects were documented during the creative process from inception to finished piece and presented as a study which shows the inherent strength as well as the organic quality of the product in its fabric state.

Dancing With Concrete – an experimental furniture project by, presented at the Salone de Mobile 2011. Maria was inspired by the behaviour of Concrete Canvas which works as a fabric does, until hardened. Maria’s application of the product is imaginative and playful – an easy chair which looks soft until you are seated.

‘Impact by Design’ at Techable
During the festival, as part of Techable at Tent London, Liam Casey will be joined in conversation by Richard Newton (Financial Times, Business Life).

The session will explore how PCH is making ‘Impact by Design,’ working with companies of all sizes that have design is at the core of their success. The talk will take place at the workspace and creative hub Second Home on Tuesday September 22 from 9am onwards.

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