Case Studies

D2C Transformation Of An Athleisure Brand

How does PCH help an athleisure brand overcome supply chain challenges and transform the company into a robust online business

Improve Time-To-Market, Enhance Inventory Management, Optimize Case Flow

The Company

Gym+Coffee is Ireland’s largest and most recognizable athleisure brand. Founded in 2017, Gym+Coffee is on a mission to bring high-quality clothing to Ireland, the UK, and the rest of the globe.

The Challenge

Gym+Coffee had been mainly selling their products through physical stores. When the pandemic hit, they had to shut down their stores to stop the spread of Covid and moved all sales online. Unfortunately, the pandemic significantly impacted their supply chain. Their merchandise could not be transported from factories to their warehouses, causing a significant delay in delivering products to their customers.

Gym+Coffee decided to shift its primary sales channel to online. However, their existing supply chain was not designed to fulfill e-Commerce orders efficiently. Also, they did not have sufficient shipping capacity from their carrier to handle the increasing online demands.

PCH Solutions

Increase shipping capacity at a competitive rate
PCH secured sufficient shipping space from its global carrier network at a very competitive rate for Gym+Coffee. PCH’s Logistic Solutions helped Gym+Coffee moves all its backlogged merchandise and replenish its inventory within one week.

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Supply Chain
PCH helped Gym+Coffee transforms its business to be more e-Commerce focused. Gym+Coffee needed a new supply chain model that balances delivery speed and inventory management.

PCH centralized Gym+Coffee’s merchandise in its fulfillment facility located at the Free Trade Zone in China. PCH also developed an automated workflow that integrated with the Gym+Coffee website and An Post, the Ireland Postal Service. This workflow allows Gym+Coffee to pass online orders directly to the PCH fulfillment center, and enables PCH to print shipping labels recognized by An Post for the last mile delivery.

The Results

PCH’s Logistic Solutions helped Gym+Coffee moves all its backlogged merchandise and replenish its inventory within a week. It also saved Gym+Coffee over 70% in shipping costs comparing to their other alternatives.

PCH’s DTC supply chain model enabled Gym+Coffee to handle 3X+ more order volume per week. It also shortened the worldwide delivery time to 3-5 days, over 60% improvement.

Gym+Coffee projected a 2X increase in Sales in 2021.