Case Studies

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

How PCH Helped a Multi-Billion Fintech Company Improve its Operating Cash Flow

Improve Time-To-Market, Enhance Inventory Management, Optimize Cash Flow

The Company

Mobile Payment | Founded in 2009 | Mkt Cap: Multi-Billion
A leading mobile payments company that had revolutionized financial services with easy and accessible tools that help merchants of all sizes.

The Challenge

The customer is eager to improve its operation in fulfilling direct to end-users located around the world while responding in real-time to fluctuating demand. They need an experienced partner who can fully integrate with their inventory management system and the flexibility to very quickly ramp production up or down in response to a fairly dynamic forecast.

PCH solution

PCH integrated with the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that enabled real-time response to orders and provided visibility throughout product pack out, fulfillment and delivery. With pack-out and fulfillment capabilities, advanced tools to enable full integration with the customer’s inventory management platform to reduce the risks associated with excess inventory. PCH utilized its logistic platform to deliver directly to end-users and implement proprietary tracking tools to provide the customer complete supply network visibility, allowing real-time traceability of orders and shipments providing real-time data at every stage of the supply chain.

The result

Working together, PCH and its customer established a seamless, highly-flexibly pack-out and fulfillment platform that has optimized time to market, reduced inventory risk and optimized customer’s operating cashflow. PCH continues to provide pack-out and fulfillment services for this customer’s product line. The customer also leveraged PCH’s reliability testing facilities for drop and temperature cycle.