PCH Values

Passion - Integrity - Teamwork

At PCH we are passionate about the work we do for our clients and about the way we work together as a team. Developing partnerships with our clients and between ourselves is very important and our ability to do so is directly related to our success, and the success of our clients. We are admired by our clients, our suppliers and our competitors for the way we conduct business and for the high standards and ethics that we uphold. What we really deliver is peace of mind.


We believe in what we do and we care about our clients, our suppliers and our team members. Having fun is important to us and it makes our work even more exciting. PCH has an environment where people have no fear to speak up, our people are confident at what they do and are proud of their accomplishments. A smile on our face and a positive attitude is as close as we get to a dress code. We take ownership of our commitments, we get issues resolved and results achieved. If plan A doesn't work, then we'll have a plan B that does. Focus and determination are part of our DNA.


Trust, honesty and respect is the backbone of all our relationships. We believe that being open and transparent, within the boundaries of respecting confidentiality, builds partnerships. We are fair and thoughtful in the way we deal with people and we keep our promises.


We are one team and value open and honest communication. When we work with clients and suppliers, we consider them part of the team. We reach out to support each other, and we welcome help from others. We share information and ideas freely and we listen to each other. We understand each other's challenges and different perspectives. We value each member's contribution to the team and always look for opportunities to express our appreciation.