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Cleantech Development

Product Design, Manufacture, Logistics

Material selection, package dimensions, and manufacturing process choices are all opportunities to make the best choice to mitigate potential environmental damage. At PCH, these decisions are influenced by our Cleantech policy. Our Product Development teams are guided by the following principles for sustainable product development:

  • -Full disclosure of all input to prevent harm to workers, consumers, and the environment.
  • -Radical transparency in material and component sourcing to minimize environmental impact or
  • -Social risks arising from resource extraction or processing manufacturing.
  • -Enable recycling, disassembly, or re-use programs.
  • -Reduce energy, water, and materials throughout product lifecycle.
  • -Build reliable quality products, reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction

More information about Cleantech can be found here

Case Study - Product Packaging

By redesigning the packaging of our client's products, we can dramatically reduce costs and environmental impact. For one client, (example shown in the diagram) we illustrated how a smarter package design can remove excess materials, improve shipping efficiency and minimize package-associated Bill of Materials (BOM) costs. In this case, removing the PVC blister pack had a huge impact on lowering costs, without impacting product sales.

Product Packaging Old Package New Package
Package Cycle Time 180secs 15secs
PVC Material 155g 0g
Card Stock(g) 90g 50g
Units per pallet 280 576
% PRICE (USD) 100% 9%  (91% cost reduction)