PCH Accelerator

PCH Accelerator assists start-ups to rapidly and efficiently develop their qualified hardware products from concept to commercial readiness, as well as scale their supply chain to grow with customer demand. Portfolio companies benefit from the same skills, resources, processes and facilities currently used by the world's leading brands.

What does this mean for Accelerator portfolio companies?

PCH Accelerator allows startups to focus on the product vision as well as sales, marketing, and business development, leaving the heavy lifting of creating a sustainable and elastic supply chain to us.

PCH has helped many brands bring innovative hardware products to market. We are also helping selected hardware start-ups get a competitive edge through PCH Accelerator.

We can take your funded/post-incubation hardware start-up from concept to production and deliver it to the market faster, with the insights and experience of a Fortune 500 market leader.

For later stage start-ups, we can help unlock your growth potential by rapidly expanding your production and fulfillment infrastructure to match market potential.

PCH Accelerator uses the same model that has led to the success of many large companies, and tailors the same services for early hardware start-ups, improving your time to market compared to others trying to build their supply chain organizations from scratch.

To see one example of how we can help you, have a look at our latest parntership with Blaze

Blaze & PCH