PCH announces major partnership with Intuitive Automata

Introducing Autom™ , the robotic health coach

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PCH International is delighted to announce a major partnership with Intuitive Automata, as part of its Accelerator program. The partnership will allow Intuitive Automata to use PCH's world-class services to design, manufacture and ship Autom™ , (the healthcare robot coach) around the world. The PCH Accelerator program offers Autom™ the same supply chain management services that are used by the world's top brands and will help the company to cater for huge consumer demand.


Autom™ is a personal lifestyle and healthcare robot coach that is designed to learn about each user and adapt to them and their needs over time. No two conversations with Autom™ are alike and the more it learns about the individual user, the more it customises the feedback advice to keep the individual motivated. Autom™ brings a personal element to distinguish itself from the multitude of healthcare and weight loss apps and programs currently on the market.

Liam Casey, CEO of PCH International, commented on the partnership announcement: "PCH Accelerator brings the most innovative hardware products to market quickly and we believe these companies are the Fortune 500s of the future. We have been exploring the new consumer robotics market and have found a perfect opportunity in helping Intuitive Automata scale and bring Autom™ to market. Dr Cory Kidd, Founder and CEO of Intuitive, has the vision and energy to make Autom™ a common device in every home and we are delighted to partner with him to make his vision a reality."

Dr. Cory Kidd, Founder and CEO of Intuitive Automata, said: "We are excited to be working with a world-class organization that will help us bring Autom™ to life in a new era of consumer robotic products. With a decade of research and development behind us, we wanted the right partner, one we knew we could count on to deliver a high-quality product to our customers, we are fortunate to have found this and more in PCH."

Dr. Kidd continued, "We are working together to bring our Autom™ weight loss coach to market and expect this to be the beginning of a long relationship delivering new interactive robots to help people worldwide better manage many aspects of their own healthcare."

Research by Dr. Kidd combines insights from the fields of technology, the social sciences, and medicine to understand in detail how humans interact with robots. The research has shown that robots create a more powerful and long-lasting relationship with the user than a mobile phone app or a computer. This becomes extremely important when the goal is to sustain engagement over long periods of time in order to sustain behavioral change, such as with exercise and weight loss. People interacting with Autom™ were much more likely to stick with their diet for longer. In a randomised, controlled study, (as part of Dr. Kidd's research), people using Autom™ stuck with their diet for much longer than people who had a computer-based application or a paper log.

Autom™ is available for pre-orders online and will retail for USD199 plus a subscription of USD19. More details at www.myautom.com

About PCH International

PCH International creates, develops, and delivers the world's best products for the world's best brands. We offer transparent, sustainable product development and supply chain management services to a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500s to innovative startups. Headquartered in Ireland since 1996, with operations in China, we believe geography is history. Our 5000 team members from 16 nationalities share the same purpose: Developing Partnerships Delivering Peace of Mind. www.pchintl.com

About Intuitive Automata

Intuitive Automata is pioneering the commercial application of socially interactive robots. Our technology is built on years of research conducted by founder Dr. Cory Kidd in human-robot interaction to create products that target the burgeoning health care industry. The first product we are launching is Autom™ , a weight loss coach that has been shown to greatly increase a dieter's chance of success at losing and keeping off weight. www.myautom.com

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